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SharePoint 2013 Apps, Load Testing and Resources throttling

If you are building a SharePoint 2013 Apps you will need at some point in your development lifecycle to do load testing for your app to see how it will behave under big user load especially if you are building … Continue reading

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How to make SharePoint 2013 Distributed Cache service Semi High Available

Introduction The Distributed Cache service provides caching features in SharePoint Server 2013. The Distributed Cache service is built on Windows Server AppFabric, which implements the AppFabric Caching service. Windows Server AppFabric installs with the prerequisites for SharePoint Server 2013. This … Continue reading

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My SPChat at sharepoint-community.net about SharePoint 2010/2013 on Azure Infrastructure Services

If you have any question related to: – How you can use Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS) to host your SharePoint 2010/2013 farm? – How you can implement High-availability and what’s the best practice? Please join my SPChat at sharepoint-community.net August … Continue reading

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Completely Offline Installation of SharePoint 2013

Introduction Sometimes when we need to install SharePoint we fail due to that there is no internet connection or our servers behind a firewall and we can’t access internet. So in this blog we will see how we can do … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2013 on Server 2012 R2 Preview and SQL 2014 CTP1

Server 2012 R2 preview and SQL 2014 CTP1 released today so I tried to install SharePoint 2013 on it and guess what ?! it worked prerequisiteinstaller.exe if you try the prerequisiteinstaller.exe you will see the below error the solution for … Continue reading

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The SharePoint Arab Nuggets: SharePoint 2010/2013 Farm with High-availability on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services Step by Step Video

Introduction Windows Azure provides on-demand infrastructure that scales and adapts to your changing business needs. There is a lot of white papers out there that talks about how you can create a SharePoint farm with High-availability but I wanted to … Continue reading

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